Circular battery connected to large Solar Farm 🔋

July 2022

Octave commissioned a battery cabinet with a storage capacity of 75 kWh on July 19th. The system was entirely designed by Octave and built with battery modules that were originally used in a Porsche Taycan. The modules still hold sufficient usable capacity to deliver excellent performance in this stationary energy storage application.

The battery energy storage system is installed at Terranova Solar - a former gypsum landfill transformed in one of the largest solar farms of the Benelux with an installed capacity of 15MWp. Octave’s battery will create value by increasing the self-consumption of the site, performing reactive power control and taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities with dynamic market prices.

The project was made possible by a number of partners: Bebat and Brussel Leefmilieu contributed to the financing of the design and build of the system while the STEPS programme from Interreg EU with partners Terranova Solar, Flux 50 and POM Oost-Vlaanderen facilitated the implementation of the system.

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Octave closed its seed funding round 🌱

June 2022

Octave has closed a €2M seed funding round, co-led by private investors SPDG ventures, the family office of the Périer-D’Ieteren family and U2P, the investment group of Ismaël Ben-Al-Lal, and supported by top-tier institutional investors EIC accelerator fund and Innoviris. The round also inlcudes contributions from SimpliCity, an impact fund investing in urban tech and the imec.istart fund.

The funding will be used to accelerate R&D and drive the commercial rollout of circular battery solutions. Octave will take Octave’s Cabinet - a medium sized battery system with 100 kWh of energy storage capacity to market. The system builds further on Octave’s previous prototypes and its patent-pending battery cloud technology.

Octave’s circular energy storage solution is a gamechanger for the energy management of SMEs, large real estate and industrial sites with local renewable energy production. The presence of EV charging infrastructure can further boost the return on investment. Stay tuned for more exciting news in the coming weeks! 📢

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Octave installed a 2nd-life battery system prototype 🔋

July 2021

Octave's has installed a second-life battery prototype of 6 kWh. The battery modules were sourced from an electric car built in 2013. After 8 years of service in the vehicle, these modules will now get a second life in a household where they will store the electricity generated by his solar PV installation on the roof. The battery pack is equipped with Octave's technology for smart control and detailed monitoring of each battery cell. This way, the battery can live happily ever after!

Next challenge for Octave is to scale up this prototype so we can serve SMEs and industrial clients!

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Octave's first battery is live! 🔋

January 2021

D-Day for Octave! We are installing our first battery pack at Ipalle's waste incinerator site in Thumaide. The storage system has a capacity of 67 kWh and 60 kW. It will optimize Ipalle's imbalance position and hence contribute to the stability of the Belgian high voltage power grid. The performance of the battery can be followed directly on our website.

We thank Ipalle for their trust and expertise that was crucial for making this pilot project a reality and Innoviris for their financial support.

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