Octave featured in L'Echo🗞️

D'Ieteren embarks on energy storage


Octave closed its seed funding round 🌱

Octave has closed a €2M seed funding round, co-led by private investors SPDG ventures, the family office of the Périer-D’Ieteren family and U2P, the investment group of Ismaël Ben-Al-Lal, and supported by top-tier institutional investors EIC Accelerator Fund and Innoviris. The funding also includes contributions from SimpliCity, an impact fund investing in urban tech and the imec.istart fund.

Seed Funding

Octave installed a 2nd-life battery system prototype🔋

Octave has installed a second-life battery prototype of 6 kWh. The battery modules were sourced from an electric car built in 2013.

Second Life Battery

Octave's first battery is live! 🔋

D-Day for Octave! We are installing our first battery pack at Ipalle's waste incinerator site in Thumaide. The storage system has a capacity of 67 kWh and 60 kW. It will optimize Ipalle's imbalance position and hence contribute to the stability of the Belgian high voltage power grid. The performance of the battery can be followed directly on our Energy Management Page

Ipalle PoC