Harness the full potential of your battery energy storage system, with our data-driven Energy Management System. Discover how our Optimal Battery Control is able to combine any of the use-cases listed below and maximizes your batteries’ value.

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Self Consumption

Optimization of self-consumption

Store any excess renewable energy locally-generated at your site. The stored energy can be released whenever needed to increase your self-consumption and lower your dependency from the grid

Peak Shaving

Peak Shaving

Reduce the peak consumption of your site. The battery system improves your energy management and limits the maximum instantaneous power drawn from the grid. This results in a lower electricity bill.

Market Arbitrage

Day-Ahead Market Arbitrage

Take advantage of the variability of energy prices by charging during cheaper hours and discharging during more expensive hours. This way, the timing of your electricity consumption and production is optimized in function of the electricity day-ahead market prices. Our algorithms are able to optimize the battery control on day-ahead power prices

Yuso Integration

Imbalance Market Arbitrage

Capture additional revenues on the imbalance market. Octave and Yuso developed a joint EMS for intelligent battery steering on the imbalance market. Take a look at Yuso’s Flex offer and discover how the imbalance market can bring value to your Octave battery system.

Load Balancing

EV Load Balancing

The battery is able to relieve your site from electrical congestion issues and limited available offtake capacity from the distribution grid, that can arise when charging your fleet of electric vehicles

Grid Balancing

Grid Balancing

Support the overall balance of the electricity grid by providing flexible power to the grid operator. Several specific markets, also known as ancillary services, are organized by the grid operator. We provide you the opportunity to participate in grid services through third-party aggregators.

Value Stacking

Value Stacking

Our Optimal Battery Control is able to combine any of these applications, to maximize the Value for Battery