Join the team

At Octave, we strongly value creativity and entrepreneurship. We listed some roles below that we will need in the near future (as employee or as independent consultant). If you are passionate about sustainable technologies and are open for a challenge in a young and innovative company tackling the energy transition while participating in the circular economy, say hello at!

Business Developer

We are in need of a business developer to kickstart our sales process. Feel free to drop us an e-mail if you are passionate about creating business in the energy transition and know the energy market like the back of your hand.

Electrical Engineer

We will be recruiting an electrical engineer in the near future, preferably with background knowledge in DC applications, renewable energy and/or battery energy storage.

Product Engineer

We will be in need for a product engineer with experience in CAD design of mechanical structures, containers, cabinets and HVAC systems.

Data Engineer /
Back-end developer

We will be looking for a data engineer or back-end developer with a strong background on IoT and integrating intelligence at the Edge with data processing at cloud. Ability to build good-looking and user-friendly dashboards is a great plus.