Accelerating the energy transition

We believe that it makes little sense to use virgin batteries for stationary energy storage. Battery packs that are considered end-of-life in electric vehicles still have usable capacity of over 80%, and it would be a shame to let this capacity go to waste. At Octave, we give a second-life to these batteries from electric vehicles and repurpose them into a source of much-needed sustainable energy storage.


As the e-mobility sector is booming, concerns are growing over the sustainability of lithium-ion batteries. Octave engages in a circular economy and lowers the overall carbon footprint of these batteries.


By relying on second-life batteries, Octave offers energy storage solutions at a very competitive price, while ensuring a best-in-class performance of the battery systems.


Batteries support the large-scale deployment of renewable energy sources by coping with the intermittency of solar and wind energy, and hence provide the power system with crucial flexibility.


Octave leverages advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to closely monitor the battery fleet, extend the lifetime and optimize the performance of each battery system.

Our products

Octave offers sustainable and smart Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), built up in a modular design, with varying capacities ranging from 30 kWh up to several MWh, customizable in function your specific needs. In addition, the storage solution comes with two services:

  1. A predictive Maintenance Service to extend the lifetime of the system. Octave ensures that the storage capacity is retained over the entire lifetime of the storage solution, by monitoring the battery cells in every detail and by replacing battery modules in time;
  2. A state-of-the-art Optimal Battery Control tailored to the needs of your site, to maximize the Value for Battery.


  • Second-life batteries
  • 75kWh to 120kWh capacity
  • Optimal control service
  • Battery Swapping service
  • Maintenance service
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  • Second-life batteries
  • MWh-scale
  • Optimal control service
  • Battery Swapping service
  • Maintenance service
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The use-cases

Octave improves your energy management, increases the on-site consumption of locally generated energy, and reduces your electricity bill. Our data-driven Optimal Battery Control is able to combine any of the use-cases listed below, maximizing the Value for Battery:


By storing the excess of locally-generated renewable energy at your site, and by releasing it whenever needed, the battery acts as a buffer between the power produced and consumed, increases your self-consumption, and lowers your dependency from the grid.

Ancillary Services

By participating in ancillary services, the battery contributes to the balance of the power system while generating an additional stream of revenues.

Market Arbitrage

By taking advantage of the variability of energy prices, the battery is able to charge when prices are low, avoiding the need to consume energy when prices are high. This is achieved by leveraging the spread between peak and off-peak tariffs, or by optimizing with regards to dynamic tariffs. Octave's algorithms are able to predict and optimise the battery control on imbalance, intraday and day-ahead power prices.

Peak Shaving

By reducing the peak consumption of your site, the battery improves your energy management and limits the maximum instantenous power withdrawn from the grid. This results in a lower electricity bill.

Power Factor

By optimizing the power factor of your site (commonly referred to as the cos(φ)), the battery improves the efficiency of your energy system. This further decreases your electricity bill.

Micro Grid

Octave is able to disconnect your site from the grid and operate it autonomously in island mode. Octave controls intelligently the batteries to synchronize the local energy production with the local consumption.

The technology

Octave's energy storage solution consists of both hardware and software:

  1. The physical Battery Energy Storage System built from second-life batteries from electric vehicles;
  2. Octave's in-house developed Battery Cloud that closely monitors and optimally controls the battery cells throughout their entire lifespan.

Our team


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